Our Response

Here are our responses to some of the topics and important issues facing the people of Victoria.

A  2045 Victoria landscape energised via a competitive digital era economy, a contributory, motivated workforce, highly educated and skilled young generation, an inclusive society, an efficient care system and communities brought to life.

We are committed to curbing the effects of climate change, protecting Australia’s natural resources, and conserving the quality of our air, water, and land for current and future generations.

Innovating and investing in clean energy and energy storage to conserve  our ecosystems, striving to overcome our biggest environmental challenges, paving the way to a more sustainable Victoria.

Immigration is essential to the future development and prosperity of Victorian families and communities, with the numbers  and profiles to be determined by future settings for its drivers, including  growth, skills , education, family ties, compassion and sanctuary.

This certainty and transparency will present an immigration programme that is sustainable, restores a reputation foregone, informs and reassures  applicants and  efficiently allocates support and resources, ensuring a welcome for all future Victorians.

Taxation, financing government activities, to be  be fair to all Victorian families, reward enterprise,  easy to  understand, difficult to circumvent, efficiently collected, socially equitable, prudently disbursed and  administered  sustainably.

The current system falls way short,  working families contributing to growth taxed very early, big company effective tax rates below 20% post deductions, GST rates low v offshore, negative gearing with capital gains tax a prime circumvention structure and wealth tax transferring privilege to descendants untaxed, compromised by millions of trust and income splitting vehicles – the wrong way around , unfair and needs to be addressed.

A safe and secure community , with all Victorians at ease in their neighbourhoods at night, negating a prevailing fear of crime from serious incidents of youth offending and stalker homicides.

We are tough on the causes of crime , smart on its prevention and detection, supportive of victims’ rights , complementing initiatives on sentencing and detention with financing police to innovate and introduce tech tools, such as tracking devices and predictive models, upgrade and automate neighbourhood watch and surveillance systems and focus on organised crime , while reducing seniors, white collar criminals and women in detention.and rebalancing the rights of victims v offenders  

A downplaying of a prevailing social stigma on recognising or discussing drug addiction, a focus on upfront counselling and preventative initiatives and a more effective alignment  with homelessness  and other welfare services, to be able to offer a  ’joined up” approach, restoration of self- esteem and re- entry to contribute to Victorian society.

It’s no consolation to current dependencies, but  drug dependency may have peaked, although cigarettes and alcohol still contribute to more than 70% of the total. Estimates of $15 Bn  current  direct treatment costs confirm a significant payback from preventative initiatives, with increased resourcing and budgets to support the vulnerable also contributing to a reduction in dependencies.

An acknowledgement, in a form to be approved  , of the recognition of their rights as the first people, a fresh approach to job creation and education schooling  to reach better outcomes and a celebration of success and  advancement , to identify solutions which bring their living standards and wellbeing closer to all other Victorians .

Working with the affected communities, introduce measures supported by them to  address the unacceptable levels of  serious abuse, particularly within families, and ongoing oversight and support systems.

Integrated, forward looking transport, communication and logistics services that move Victorians and their goods and services quickly, efficiently, conveniently and regularly to their selected destinations, within an investment strategy and cycle that can be effectively financed and economically justified.

Public transport is a priority, as road schemes frequently get to the next traffic jam faster, with much increased rigour on costs to be borne by taxpayers and on road charging to counter congestion and access issues.

Within communities, communicate the message of outrage of all Victorians, promote confidential advice and counselling services, improve liaison and information exchange, embrace technology to improve enforcement orders, access refuges as places of sanctuary and interim support for the victims, in order to attain a standalone standard of living and well being on returning to the community
Deterrence is to be strengthened via increased publicity and awareness and the deployment of tracking and surveillance devices.