Arming our children for a digital future – Education, Education, Education

Arming our children for a digital future – Education, Education, Education

Where’s the money going and is it working?


-Australia 2nd wealthiest country by individual

-Victoria spends $15-16 Bn on education, training and development; another 90,000 potential enrolments over the next 5 years, versus the following outcomes:

  • Ranked 39 out of 41 by the OECD for quality of education – only Romania and Turkey lower
  • Early childhood education funded by the public, not government, up to 1/3, way more than overseas
  • School education funded internationally on average 91% by government v 82% here; lower secondary education funded 24% by us, highest in the world.
  • For universities and tertiary education, only 39% is funded by government here v 70% internationally, with only Chile and Japan below
  • 66% of students with language backgrounds other than English in Victoria 125,000 in all, do not speak English at home
  • Schools in Victoria have enrolments of students who speak more than 50 native languages

Radical action is required now!

  • No more Gonskis, nor tinkering, no more underfunding education via a rort- plagued, back door immigration conduit
  • Embed base learning early, deploy creative tech tools, reward and listen to passionate teachers, overthrow stale dated curriculums, promote the use of English, get vocational training working, spend money smartly, not wastefully
  • Back public schools to give students the opportunity to flourish in an innovative, digital, highly skilled workplace.