ASIC ( All Sleeping In a Coma)- a Dud Regulator stacked with deskbound , boy scout and girl guide lawyers – no market savvy, no practicioners, 0 credibility . Fels is right-don’t throw good money after bad

Former ACCC boss calls for ASIC to be stripped of powers over banks


Founding chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Professor Allan Fels, has slammed the corporate regulator for being weak and ineffective in fighting bank misconduct.

Australians want corporation tax cuts now- FakeNews

“The Australian” Fake headlines that Aussies  want the corporation tax cuts now- Fake Question and Fake News – no request for whether respondents supported cuts, who was going to pay for them and how !!!! More Murdoch B/S

In last week’s Essential poll , not providing company tax cuts for large business was the most popular option when voters were asked to assess measures to cut government spending (60-22 support).

A Fair Go ?

A Fair Go!!! – 9 of Top 10 Liberal Cabinet members are lawyers- as is Downer[/caption]

Georgina Downer, the daughter of one-time Liberal leader and foreign minister Alexander Downer, has been endorsed unopposed as the party’s candidate for the upcoming Mayo federal by-election.

Georgina Downer